started its operations January 2008 as a proprietary organization . The company was initially engaged in Manufacturing and fabrication works. We are offering wide range of diversified services ranging from

  • Fabrication of structure for tower and gratings required for different type of towers for telecom sector and transmission sector.
  • Fabrication of structure steel VIZ Lattice Girders, H-beams (Rib Section), built up sections, hand railings, barricading etc for construction companies for tunneling projects.
  • Latter in January 2011 , it diversified into telecom services for telecom operators ; the former includes RF Planning, Transmission Planning , Drive test & Optimization, EMF, RF & MW Surveys , Network Audit.


our services

RF survey is the process to identify the cell site location...
MW Survey is a process to clear LOS (Line of Sight) between..
Microwave planning is carried out using the different tools used in the ...
Collection of RF Data of same Operators by doing Drive Test and ..
Collection of RF Data of different Operators by doing Drive ..
FINTEK Executes Turnkey Installation & De-Installation Projects for Complete..
Magnetic field & power density can be measured or calculated using Tri Band Isotropic Antenna..
BTS Site Implementation and Commissioning & Network integration ..
Capability of outsourcing manpower for RF Survey, MW survey, DT, AT and cell site O&M. .



We are consistent key player in telecom and other industry Service with high level of ingegrity environment health and safely quality,proactive approch superior services to customer,Research & development competitiveness $ nurturing talnet.

Mission Vission

We are committed to provide product and service infrastructure and telecom netword as per customer requirement and expectation in the safe manner with due regard for the environment.

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